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Organ donation and transplantation is a successful therapy that provides cure to some categories of patients suffering from serious organ failures (kidney, heart, liver, lung, pancreas, and bowel).

As it is well known, the number of organ donors is still insufficient in all European Union (EU) member States, but another value that should be also considered is the number of organs that are used per donor. Since not all transplant programs are running in all EU countries yet, and it is more difficult to find the correct compatibility for some patient categories, it may happen that some organs are not allocated at national level, mainly because there is no suitable recipient on the national WL. These organs although suitable are unfortunately wasted although they could be used in another country.

First outcomes of COORENOR project showed that the present number of exchanges could grow substantially. The main aim of this action is therefore to better practice of exchange of organs with the end objective of increasing bilateral agreements, since this is an important way of increasing the number of available organs, with an overall approach that also includes raising public awareness and preventing wrong communication attitudes.

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